May 31, 2020

In this beta release we made some preparations for the next release. We are changing the way persons are organised. Until now, a person could only have ONE age group (in Elvanto it's called "demography"). But a person could also exist in multiple categories (see here: So the problem was, that if you have multiple categories or so called data sources (e.g. a category for the Sunday service and one for a special event) that person had the same age group within both categories. For many events, thats a limitation. An organiser what's to have different "age groups" for special events (e.g. based on number of registrations etc.). Hope you understand the problem... :-)

The new structure is like this:

  • A person is always part of at least one (or multiple) group/s (within Elvanto this is the family)
  • A person can have different age groups (within Elvanto this is the demography) in each group.

Example: Group: Family Miller Category: Sunday Service Person 1: John - Age Group: Little Stars Person 2: Ben - Age Group: Baby World

Group: Family Miller Category: Kids Conference Person 1: John - Age Group: Little Rockers Person 2: Ben - Age Group: Baby World


Delete people by category


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Restructured user, group and age group