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Hello there!

If you're here, it's most likely you are interested in what ICF is doing in the digital world. We're excited you're here - and would love to get to know you more!

We launched a discord server that allows us all to come together and discuss all things technologies and church - and you're invited! Feel free to join!

๐Ÿ‘‰ ๐Ÿ‘ˆ

We're looking forward to meeting you there!

We now have a newsticker functionality!

When this plugin is enabled, it adds a new menu bar for creating newsticker entries. Those are shown on the front page below the header area, allowing you to show the latest news to your users!

The newsticker entries can have a start/end date and time, and can link to a configured URL. If used in conjunction with the Pagevideo plugin, the video height will not cover the newsticker, so everything is visible without scrolling. You can even set the background color under "Theme Options -> Home"!

Also, make sure your newstickers are not too long, otherwise it gets really hard to read on mobile. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Newsticker plugin ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ

New stuff! All Flama fonts are now available in CSS (especially useful in combination with the ability for global CSS)

Also we added the Progress Meter Gravity Forms Add-On, that shows progress bars for reaching our donation goal to the Ukraine.


Add missing fonts of Flama Family (now supports all of condensed, semicondensed and ultracondensed)


New plugin Gravity Forms Progress Meter

New and fresh look - our front page now features an awesome fullscreen video background! โœจ๐ŸŽฅ๐Ÿคฉ

We added the possibility to upload an MP4 video to any (yes, any!) page that replaces the default header image with a fullscreen video background. Feel free to try it out for yourself by enabling the "Avantgarde-Pagevideo" plugin! Then you can set the page video via the meta box when editing the page.

A couple of things to keep in mind when using this feature:

  • Create an engaging videoclip that shows many different aspects of your church

  • Don't make the clip longer than 10-15 seconds

  • Export it with strong compression to get the file size under 4MB if possible

    • We use Adobe Media Encoder
    • Resolution: 1920x1080
    • Codec: H.264
    • then play with the bitrate to get below 4MB
  • Upload the clip to our website directly on the "Edit page" page in the Pagevideo box


New plugin for fullscreen video background for pages


Some notices and deprecation warnings


Margin issue on transparent navbar when livestream banner was on

Having the transparent menu as default on all pages worked great - except when it didn't. We were often setting an image on a page, only to notice that the white menu becomes invisible on a white sky in the image. That's not only frustrating to us but also to users, especially considering accessibility!

Well, now the transparent menu is set only on the front page by default - but worry not, you can get it to show on any page by selecting the correct page template. That's what you call a "best of both worlds" solution. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Also minor update to lazyloaded YouTube embeds: sometimes YouTube doesn't supply a FullHD thumbnail - we now use the fallback image in that case.


Transparent menu now only selectable via template, default only on front page


YouTube thumbnails now use fallback

It's now possible to enter custom CSS code in the theme options that is embedded on your entire instance! This allows for easier styling of sub-brands like ICF Oneighty, YouthPlanet or College.


Theme Option for site-wide custom CSS


Cookie Consent banner refuse button now uses normal font instead of Hoffline icon font


Vision page video is now centered on page (by a few pixels ๐Ÿœ)

With a brand new interface and an improved look and feel, the new Gravity Forms Update feels long overdue. (Of course, it's still not perfect, but a great step in the right direction ๐Ÿ˜‰)

Just a quick warning about the Currency Selector: It doesn't work properly if currencies have different decimal separators (e.g. 19,99 โ‚ฌ vs CHF 19.99). This was the case before the update and remains, unfortunately. Bug is filed with plugin developers.


Gravity Forms update to 2.5.x


Updated Gravity Forms Currency Selector


Added FB verification files for and


New Gravity Forms Add-On: Chained Selects


New Gravity Forms Add-On: Custom Javascript


Redirection plugin is now allowed for all website instances


Update translations, sorting and display of location list countries


Update WP to 5.7 and update plugins


Updated Gravity Forms and Zapier Add-On


Changed Vision page YouTube link


Update Movement Map display and descriptions


Gravity Forms address country field now uses ISO2 codes as value


Avoid ICF logo moving into navigation items


Disable API request to deprecated / removed Church Online Platform API


Some code cleanup tasks


Removed Gravity Forms Spreadsheet Add-On

With many videos embedded on a page, YouTube Embeds can REALLY slow loading times down. The new content block "YouTube (lazyloaded)" avoids that entirely by using a small library that renders the video thumbnail as an image, and only loads the iFrame once the user clicks on it.

In other words: a page with >30 videos now takes a couple of seconds to load, down from minutes (!) of loading time! โšก๏ธ


New YouTube Embed (lazyloaded) available as shortcode / Avia Layout Architekt media block


Added flama condensed to header


Embedded Elvanto forms now correctly display radio buttons


Button labels now wrap to avoid overflow on mobile- Gravityforms: ensure list fields are displayed correctly


Gravityforms: Fix colors for section headers and progress bar step label


Stripe CA certificates added for talking to the Stripe API


JWPlayer: Open YouTube podcasts in new tab instead of using jwplayer (see


Changed vision header image


Allow link element in theme options


Gravity Forms Stripe Add-on updated to support Stripe Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)


Updated several Wordpress plugins

Now you can add buttons next to each other;


Help and feedback button in the wordpress backend


Updated Plugins & Language files


Button display: multiple buttons can now be placed right beside each other

Welcome to our new release page. Subscribe and stay updated about updates to the ICF Website.

Below you'll find a collection of all the past releases:

Version 3.0.2 - 28.11.2018

  • Fixed Tabele issue #292
  • Integrated Countdown fix #234 โ€“ thank you Andreas Neroth and Claudio Kressibucher
  • Fixed SmallGroup issue #300 โ€“ thank you Lukas for reporing
  • Updated Wordpress and Plugins and languages

Version 3.0.1 โ€“ 01.10.2018

Version 3.0.0 โ€“ 01.10.2018

  • PHP 7.2 Compatibility
  • Product Box improvements
  • Removed Layout Slider

Version 2.0.20 โ€“ 24.09.2018

  • Prodcast Improved
  • Improved CSS Grid
  • Updated Wordpress and Plugins

Version 2.0.19 โ€“ 19.07.2018

  • Improved Celebrations on mobile
  • Celebrations module now shows the whole series and, if less than 4 celebrations are left for the current series the next series up until 8
  • Updated Wordpress and Plugins

Version 2.0.18 โ€“ 10.07.2018

  • Further layout optimizations and fixes
  • Added translations to event module
  • Updated Wordpress and Plugins

Version 2.0.17 โ€“ 02.07.2018

  • Implemented event calendar improvements of Oliver Weber โ€“ Thank you very much!
  • Minor layout fixes

Version 2.0.16 โ€“ 27.06.2018

  • Rewrite of grid system โ€“ improved stability
  • Design tweaks for rows, forms and videos inside boxes, buttons and menu
  • Updated Wordpress and Plugins

Version 2.0.15 โ€“ 04.06.2018

Version 2.0.14 โ€“ 31.05.2018

Version 2.0.13 โ€“ 30.04.2018

  • Fixed #230 โ€“ Event Calendar issues. Thank you @oliverweber

Version 2.0.12 โ€“ 05.04.2018

  • Updated Wordpress and Plugins
  • Added Polish translation file for WP and ICF Plugins
  • Add ?fullscreen to your start page to get a fullscreen version of your slider (e.g.
  • Fixed #233 - Disable permalink page for images, events, preacher, series, podcasts etc.
  • Fixed #235 - New address for ICF Startup Hamburg
  • Fixed #247, #209, #232 - Listed ICF Startups on movement map/list (Credits: Lukas Ammann)
  • Fixed #215

Version 2.0.11 โ€“ 18.12.2017

  • Improved home-page slider image size
  • Fixed #215 โ€“ Listed ICF Startups on movement map/list (Credits: Lukas Ammann)
  • Fixed #221 โ€“ Listed several new ICF Startups, updated links, addresses etc. (Credits: Lukas Ammann)
  • Fixed #104 โ€“ Added footer to startup template

Version 2.0.10 โ€“ 08.11.2017

Version 2.0.9 โ€“ 20.10.2017

  • Welcome Andreas & Claudio to our developer team! :D
  • Updated Wordpress, Plugins & Languages
  • Added Dutch translation for ICF Church vision template
  • Fixed #117 - Improved textarea height on mobile
  • Fixed #190 - Featured Box image resolution
  • Fixed Error in avia backend editor
  • Fixed Creating of cache directory
  • Fixed Flickr loading issue (array_flip error)
  • Removed Unused facebook js

Version 2.0.8 โ€“ 28.08.2017

  • Update ICF Church vision template
  • Added feature #189 โ€“ focus in searchfield
  • Fixed: #180 โ€“ Celebration title on startpage
  • Updated Wordpress, Plugins & Languages

Version 2.0.7 โ€“ 03.07.2017

  • Updated Plugins & Languages
  • New page template for ICF Church vision
  • Improved โ€“ Header output
  • Fixed #183 - Header title to small on tablet

Version 2.0.6 โ€“ 03.06.2017

Version 2.0.5 โ€“ 12.06.2017

  • Improved display of color sections and parralax sections
  • Improved display of error messages
  • Fixed #152 โ€“ Improved slider: Added arrow and dotts to mobile
  • Fixed #150 โ€“ Select Box Overlay

Version 2.0.4 โ€“ 26.04.2017

  • Updated Wordpress and Plugins
  • Fixed #136 - restored german translation from next-step plugin
  • Added new css classes for gravity forms: gf-form---newsletter gf-form---transparent
  • Added new css classes for gravity form elements: gf-element---center
  • Added lightbox feature to slide: use external links with ?lightbox at the end: /yourpage?lightbox
  • Layout fixes

Version 2.0.3 โ€“ 10.04.2017

  • Updated Wordpress and Plugins
  • Improved search and 404 template
  • Fixed #131 โ€“ Translation for German
  • Fixed #28 โ€“ Recover single template:
  • Fixed #90 โ€“ width of event images
  • Fixed #137 - Warning is displayed in frontend
  • Updated Czeck Language

Version 2.0.2 โ€“ 06.02.2017

  • Fixed #77 โ€“ Spelling error in next step module
  • Fixed #70 โ€“ Layout issue on givings page

Version 2.0.1 โ€“ 31.01.2017

  • Updated: WordPress Core 4.7.1
  • Updated: Languages
  • Updated: Plugins

Version 2.0.0 โ€“ 23.01.2017

  • Redesign: Soft redesign touching many details:
    • Centered logo
    • New fonts
    • Black, grey, white color-scheme
    • Removed red color
    • Improved font sizes
    • Closed #42: Improved navigation on mobile and with livestream
    • Closed #59: Improved margin and paddings for sections and columns
  • Fixed #9: Next Step filter broken layout due to wrong HTML width
  • Removed: Overlay for events on startpage, use the slider or the boxes below

Learn more here about how to get the redesign working with your website:

Version 1.7.5 โ€“ 20.11.2016

Version 1.7.4 โ€“ 28.11.2016

  • Fixed: Minor design Issues with forms introduced with a plugin update
  • Fixed: Design issue #53 with long series descriptions
  • Added: Czech language Support for smallgroup program โ€“ thank you Lukas Knizek
  • Removed: Plugin seo-data-transporter

Version 1.7.3 โ€“ 24.11.2016

  • Added: Facebook Gallery integration, check out the theme settings
  • Added: Gravity Forms Addon for Stripe and Zapier
  • Improved: Backend performance

Version 1.7.2 โ€“ 22.11.2016

  • Fixed: Font-CSS not loading with cache
  • Fixed: Issue #32 โ€“ Rewritten Flickr implementation: now with vue.js
  • Updated: Added app.js to minification

Version 1.7.1 โ€“ 13.11.2016

  • Fixed: Issue #31 โ€“ Google maps integration
  • Fixed: Issue #23 โ€“ Event Images
  • Fixed: Minor visual interface issue on forms
  • Added: New Chaching with minification and concatenation of css and js as well as html caching, addresses issues #39 and #40
  • Added: Lazy loading
  • Added: Plugin Cloudflare for CDN
  • Removed: WP Total Cache Plugin
  • Removed: WP Retina 2x Plugin
  • Removed: Royal Slider Plugin
  • Updated: Plugins & Languages

Version 1.7.0 โ€“ 27.09.2016

  • Feature: Issue #23 for Bern
  • Fixed: Missing welcome message
  • Fixed: Issue #8 โ€“ video embed in easy slider, thanks @Semilsky
  • Fixed: Issues: #17 #25 #26 #27 #29
  • Added: Plugin Revisr
  • Updated: Plugin WordPress Core 4.6.1
  • Updated: Plugin W3 Total Cache
  • Updated: Plugin Optimus
  • Updated: Plugin Akismet
  • Updated: Plugin Disable Comments
  • Updated: Plugin Gravity Forms
  • Updated: Plugin Polylang
  • Updated: Plugin ThreeWP Broadcast
  • Updated: Plugin WP-Piwik
  • Updated: Plugin WP Media Category Management
  • Updated: Plugin Yoast SEO

Version 1.6.0 โ€“ 23.08.2016

  • Improved: Placement of ICF logo and menu
  • Fixed: Bug that caused IE to not execute JS
  • Fixed: Button margins
  • Updated: WordPress Core 4.6.0
  • Updated: Languages
  • Updated: Plugin wp-retina-2x
  • Updated: Plugins wp-migrate-db
  • Updated: Plugin members
  • Updated: Plugin Kommentare deaktivieren
  • Updated: Plugin Gravity Forms
  • Updated: Plugin Polylang
  • Updated: Plugin ThreeWP Broadcast
  • Updated: Plugin Yoast SEO
  • Updated: Plugin Zalomenรญ
  • Updated: Translations

Version 1.5.4 โ€“ 07.07.2016

  • Added: Ability to integrate and podcasts as well as embeds on frontpage
  • Added: htaccess code to rewrite urls of non existing local files (in _.htaccess)
  • Improved: Some hundred lines of old CSS and JS code removed
  • Improved: Renamed "Start-Page" menu to "Frontpage" and added descriptions and images
  • Improved: Slide navigation-buttons and links
  • Improved: Frontpage overlay close behaviour and styling
  • Improved: Mobile layout
  • Fixed: Slide publishing
  • Fixed: Flicker integration
  • Fixed: Location dropdown on mobile with no locations
  • Fixed: Multiple configurations of language navigation conflicting
  • Updated: JW Player implementation for podcasts

Version 1.5.3 โ€“ 15.06.2016

  • Fixed: Forms frontend has been rewritten from the ground up (
    • Conditions working โ€“ Multistep forms working โ€“ Many layout improvements
  • Fixed: Missing languages, now all languages are possible. Use 2 letter language code for language (f.e. "en"):
  • Fixed: Improved implementation of hoffline icon-font in backend and frontend:
  • Fixed: Dropdown select button in firefox (how is using FF anyway?? ;-)) is working now:
  • Fixed: Event calendar - Only auto archive single events due to problem with recurring events
  • Improved: Slideshow Caption
  • Improved: New page template without menu added
  • Updated: Plugin wp-piwik
  • Updated: Plugin wordpress-seo
  • Updated: Plugin threewp-broadcast
  • Updated: Plugin polylang
  • Updated: Plugin optimus
  • Updated: Plugin multisite-enhancements
  • Updated: Plugin gravityforms
  • Updated: Plugin akismet

Version 1.5.2 โ€“ 08.06.2016

  • Fixed: Text prefix for celebrations more than 7 days away
  • Fixed: event calendar external link
  • Fixed: Important wp core fix for months genitive case (Credits: Jan Semilsky - Thanks!)
  • Fixed: 404 header
  • Fixed: podcast plugin / feed url
  • Fixed: podcast / celebration table (remove clickable)
  • Fixed: usernoise plugin - make url protocol neutral
  • Fixed: podcast archive pdf download link
  • Fixed: header image not visible on phone
  • Fixed: mailchimp archive shortcode - ssl problem
  • Fixed: Restore missing js for gallery shortcode
  • Updated: Czech translation (Credits: Jan Semilsky - Thanks!)
  • Updated: backend options and made Movement link static
  • Updated: French translation
  • Updated: Merge podcast plugin with latest official version

Version 1.5.1 โ€“ 16.05.2016

  • Improved: Slider design & functionality on mobile
  • Improved: Location selecort (not yet working on Firefox)
  • Fixed: First slide not visible on first load of previous slides are not in daterange

Version 1.5.0 โ€“ 12.05.2016

  • Improved: Picly is now labeled "Startpage" and was moved to the top in the WP Backend
  • Feature: ICF Conference Livestream
  • Feature: Major rewrite of Homepage:
    • All new Slider, much cleaner, larger, less code, based on CSS 3 Transitions
    • Link to Online Church with new Button โ€“ Default Celebration Background (Ste in Startpage Module) โ€“ Ability to use celebration without title, speaker or series: โ€“ Celebrations without title display the Speaker โ€“ Celebration pictures are displayed in the following order:
      1. Post image
      2. Speaker image
      3. Series image
      4. Default celebration image
  • Feature: Adding Youtube & Vimeo links for video podcast; Add 3 resources:
    1. Link โ€“Video Hosted (first entry displayed on the page)
    2. Video resource on your server (needed for the RSS feed)
    3. Audio resource ob your server
  • Hotfix: RSS Feed
  • Improved: Page titles
  • Improved: Menu on Android
  • Improved: Font Handling. Include to load ICF fonts
  • Improved: More Menu & Feature Box on Mobile
  • Updated: Czech Translation (thank you Jan Semilsky)
  • Fixed: Event Icon
  • WordPress Update 4.5.2
  • Updated: Plugin Akismet
  • Updated: Plugin Dicentis Podcast
  • Updated: Plugin Kommentare deaktivieren
  • Updated: Plugin Gravity Forms
  • Updated: Plugin Polylang
  • Updated: Plugin Quick Page/Post Redirect Plugin
  • Updated: Plugin ThreeWP Broadcast
  • Updated: Plugin WP-Piwik
  • Updated: Plugin WP Media Category Management
  • Updated: Plugin Yoast SEO
  • Updated: Plugin WP Migrate DB Pro
  • Updated: Plugin WP Migrate DB Pro CLI
  • Updated: Plugin WP Migrate DB Pro Media Files
  • Updated: Plugin WP Migrate DB Pro Multisite Tools
  • Updated: Plugin Polylang
  • Updated: Plugin Wordpress SEO

Version 1.4.4 โ€“ 06.04.2016

  • Fixed: Home page slider click
  • Fixed: Mobile improvements Home-Page
  • Fixed: Menu on Android

Version 1.4.3 โ€“ 10.03.2016

  • New: Simon Egli, our new web-boss in ICF Zurich
  • Updated: WordPress to 4.4.2
  • Improved: Menu, location & podcast dropdowns, social-icons, mobile
  • New: Timed Publising of Home-Page Elements โ€“ Thanx @Daniel Ammann
  • New: Install WP Mail SMTP Plugin
  • Fixed: jQuery version missmatch causing form-errors
  • Fixed: Celebrations going missing
  • Fixed: Protocol missmatch for podcast player resulting in download of video rather than play
  • Fixed: SSL Bug Online Church
  • Updated: Location URLs & Movement Map โ€“ Thanx @Lukas Ammann
  • Updated: Plugin akismet
  • Updated: Plugin business-directory-plugin
  • Updated: Plugin polylang
  • Updated: Plugin wordpress-seo
  • Updated: Plugin wp-migrate-db
  • Updated: Plugin wp-retina-2x
  • Updated: Plugin wp-migrate-db
  • Updated: Plugin wp-media-category-management
  • Updated: Plugin threewp-broadcast
  • Updated: Plugin quick-pagepost-redirect-plugin
  • Updated: Plugin polylang
  • Updated: Plugin optimus
  • Updated: Plugin multisite-enhancements
  • Updated: Plugin hide-youtube-related-videos
  • Updated: Plugin gravityforms
  • Updated: Plugin disable-comments
  • Updated: Plugin business-directory-plugin
  • Updated: Plugin wp-retina-2x
  • Updated: Plugin disable-comments
  • Updated: Plugin email-address-encoder

Version 1.4.2 โ€“ 12.01.2016

Happy New Year!

  • BREAKING CHANGE: Removed .htaccess from git (for individual server config) โ€“ on local installations, rename _.htaccess to .htaccess to make it work again
  • Updated: WordPress to 4.4.1
  • Updated: Plugin WP Retina 2x
  • Updated: Plugin Yoast SEO
  • Updated: Plugin Enable Media Replace
  • Updated: Plugin Members
  • Updated: Plugin WP-Piwik
  • Updated: Plugin Akismet
  • Updated: Languages

Version 1.4.1 โ€“ 21.12.2015

  • Removed: Plugins: Regenerate Thumbnails, BackWPup Pro, Hammy, TinyMCE Advanced, Visualizer: Charts and Graphs
  • Fixed: podcast feed problem with multiple speakers and series

Version 1.4.0 โ€“ 17.12.2015

  • New: Podcast โ€“ You can use podcast feeds with all video and audio files like so: or: Create two shows to have different Icons in iTunes and assign each Podcast to both shows.
  • New: Podcast โ€“ Option to add series and speaker in feed-titles
  • Fixed: Backend editing with Picly
  • Fixed: PHP Error in child Theme
  • Fixed: Load fonts from current domain
  • Updated: htaccess (reverse proxy for and
  • Updated: Podcast & Merged changes
  • Updated: Plugin akismet
  • Updated: Plugin business-directory-plugin
  • Updated: Plugin regenerate-thumbnails
  • Updated: Plugin threewp-broadcast
  • Updated: Plugin optimus
  • Updated: Plugin wp-migrate-db-pro
  • Updated: Plugin wp-migrate-db-pro-media-files
  • Updated: Plugin wp-retina-2x
  • Various improvements
  • Language updates

Version 1.3.4 โ€“ 3.12.2015

  • New: Picly updated to support publishing dates โ€“ Thanx @Daniel Ammann
  • Fixed: Readded Categories for events
  • Updated: htaccess for more Pprsisent SSL connection โ€“ Thanx @Daniel Freiwald
  • Updated: Plugin WP Retina 2x
  • Updated: Plugin Yoast SEO
  • Updated: Plugin Multisite Enhancements
  • Updated: Plugin Gravity Forms
  • Language updates

Version 1.3.3 โ€“ 1.12.2015

  • Fixed: Error where events don't filter without search-field present
  • Updated: Plugin Multisite-Enhancements
  • Updated: Plugin Optimus
  • Updated: Plugin Wordpress-seo
  • Updated: Plugin Wp-retina-2x
  • Removed: Plugins: Debug-bar, Github Updater, Loco Translate, Minqueue, WordPress Importer

Version 1.3.2 โ€“ 24.11.2015

  • Updated: Plugin Yoast SEO
  • Updated: Plugin WP Media Category Management
  • Updated: Plugin ThreeWP Broadcast
  • Updated: Plugin Polylang
  • Updated: Plugin Optimus
  • Updated: Plugin Business Directory Plugin
  • Language updates

Version 1.3.1 โ€“ 23.11.2015

  • Updated: Busineslogic for nextstep
  • Fixed: Bug on mobile for eventlist
  • Updatedd: czech translations - theme, plugins (event, user noise) โ€“ Thanx Jan

Version 1.3.0 โ€“ 5.11.2015

  • New: Extended Event Plugin with Next-Step functionality

Version 1.2.6 โ€“ 3.11.2015

  • Change: Not moving old events to trash but set to draft status
  • New: Add Podcast from Celebration automatically โ€“ By Jan Semilsky
  • Updated: Plugin Visualizer: Charts and Graphs
  • Updated: Plugin ThreeWP Broadcast
  • Language updates

Version 1.2.5 โ€“ 27.10.2015

  • Fixed: SSL issue in Hammy Plugin:
  • Hide meta description if is Seo Yoast active โ€“ By Jan Semilsky
  • Added: Podcast single view! โ€“ Thanx Jan
  • Added: Zalomenรญ Plugin for Czech
  • Podcast integration improved โ€“ Jan
  • Updated: Plugin dicentis-podcast
  • Updated: Plugin threewp-broadcast
  • Updated: Plugin visualizer
  • Language updates

Version 1.2.4 โ€“ 17.10.2015

  • Moved shortcodes to child theme
  • Emergency Fix Podcast with https
  • Code cleanup
  • Updated: Plugin polylang
  • Updated: Plugin business-directory-plugin
  • Updated: Plugin akismet
  • Language updates

Version 1.2.3 โ€“ 14.10.2015

  • Fixed: vimeo embed code for https for podcasts
  • Fixed: backend for events over https
  • Updated: ignores to ingnore files with versions etc (removing from live server)
  • Improved: Prevent direct access for sensitive files
  • Added: Read Me

Version 1.2.2 โ€“ 13.10.2015

  • Fixed: https, no more cross-protocol calls; All websites are now capable of https
  • Improved: Free https certificate included for all domains! Thanks Peter Heusser for the tip.
  • Improved: Force WP backend over https
  • Fixed: CSS bug on donation page, thanks Jan Semilskรฝ for collaboration
  • Updated: languages packages and Czech translation, again thanks Jan
  • Fixed: HTML bug on podcast page, thanks Jan
  • Updated: Plugin wp-retina
  • Updated: Plugin wp-piwik
  • Updated: Plugin Broadcast
  • Updated: Plugin Quick-Redirect
  • Updated: Plugin Optimus
  • Updated: Plugin Members
  • Updated: Plugin Gravity Forms

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